Is God moving you towards action in the San Francisco Bay Area? Consider the many ways you and your church can get involved in what God is doing and how He is moving among the Christians here.

How can your church help?

 Top Ten ways your church can help

Mission Involvement

There are many ways to be involved in church planting in the Bay Area. From praying, wherever you are at, to moving your life and family to join a planting team, the options are many and varied. Take a look and see how God might be calling you to participate in His Kingdom work here…


Praying for the people here, the church planters, the missionaries, and the work among the people is one very important–and needed–way that you and your church can get involved. How can you get involved through prayer?

  • Sign up for our quarterly e-mail newsletter and receive prayer requests and ministry updates every month about the Bay Area ministries. 
  • Adopt a CP (church planter). Agree to receive the name of a church planter in the area and commit to regularly pray for and encourage them. You can do this through emails and letters. If you’re interested, then let us know and we can connect you with a church planter.
  • Locally, prayer walk the communities of the Bay area.
Money is always an issue because the Bay Area hosts some of the most expensive cities and counties in the nation. The church planters need funding because there are some things that only money can buy. Here are some ideas of ways to give to churches in the Bay Area:
  • Throw a new church a “baby shower”. Contact the planter and find out what kinds of things they need for their new church and then collect “gifts” and shower them with love!
     Click here for information on how to throw a church a “baby shower”.
  • Help give to refugee families in the Bay Area that are struggling to survive in their new life in America. We are currently helping to start churches among these groups.
  • Provide direct financial support to a church planter by either giving a one-time or on-going gift. Many places of employment offer matching donations. consider giving to a new church in need. Click here for more information on how to give financially.
  • If you are a grant-making organization, please ask about some of the community needs that our church planting addresses. 
  • Check the “Wishlist” tab for more ideas.
Feel like God is calling you to do something more? Want to come “play” with us and serve for a few days? Here are some ideas if you want to have a little fun:
  • Send a team from your church to come out and work with us. 
  • Help with a new church launch by volunteering at the church for it’s first big service. 
  • Help a new church with an outreach activity.
  • Volunteer to hand out flyers or do servant evangelism to help spread the word.
Do you live locally and want to get involved? Here are some things you can do:
  • Host events at your church for new church plants.
  • Adopt church planters and their families.
  • Let new church plants use your facilities for worship, baptisms, and office space.
  • Prayer walk.
  • Help with a new launch.
Make sure you check out our wishlists for Things, People, and Money to find out more information about how you can help.
Please click here if you are interested in coming to the Bay area for a short-term, semester, or year-long internship.