The Dream

The San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay area is a metropolitan region of nine counties and a population of 8 million people. The anchor cities for the area are San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. San Francisco is the second most densely populated major city in the United States. It is also a world-class destination city. San Jose is the largest city in the Bay area and the 10th largest city in the United States. It is known for its technology hub, Silicon Valley. Oakland, the 3rd most populous city, is home to the Port of Oakland which is the fifth busiest container port in the United States. The Bay area is known for its affluence and its influence; however, it is also one of the least-churched regions in the U.S.

Our Prayer and Our Vision

That the Bay Area be so vibrantly transformed by a indigenous expression of life in Christ that it becomes a major global exporter of the Christian faith among all peoples, extending even to future generations.

Five Aspects of this Vision

  • That the Bay Area be vibrantly transformed by Christ. We pray that norms and values of life in Christ be widely embraced, and that God’s love and goodness overflow as a result.
  • That this faith be indigenously expressed. A transformed, Christ following Bay Area Bay Area looks different than it would somewhere else.
  • That the Bay Area becomes a major global exporter of the Christian faith. The Bay Area is uniquely positioned on the Pacific Rim as a major exporter of products and culture. We see a day when we become a major exporter of the grace of God.
  • Even to future generations- that the effect of what we do be sustainable. We hope that it increases, rather than rob, the possibility of future generations of Bay Area residents to know and follow Christ. We also take into account the Bay Area’s role as a cultural edge city.
  • Among all peoples- the Bay Area is diverse. It is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and globally connected. We desire that there be a Christian witness to all peoples represented here.

We start new churches that are instilled with DNA that reflects our vision and values.

  • Missional Theology. Mission is more than what we do; it is who we are.
  • Kingdom Ecclesiology. We work in light of a greater Kingdom impact.
  • Teamship. We work as a team, with gift and skill based differentiation.
  • Biblical Relationships. We practice one-anothering among our team.
  • Dependency on the Holy Spirit. This work is possible only through Him.
  • Long-Range Perspective.

We work with the end in mind. Make sure you check out Our Priorities for more information on the types of churches we want to plant.