Forging Alliances

There are 9 counties and almost 8 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Three of these counties are less than 4% evangelical while the rest are also highly in need of a Christian witness. All kinds of new churches for all kinds of people are needed.

Because God is activating the Bay Area in fresh new ways, we have many present needs and opportunities for church planting partnerships and new advocates.

Sign up for a vision tour, send a team, send a planter, host an online baby shower registry to provide support systems for church planters and their families.  There are many ways to get involved.

Make It So: Our Prayer

For 10 years, many Bay Area Christians have set alarms for 10:02 each morning.  We pray Luke 10:2, believing that the Bay Area harvest is plentiful, and we beg the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers to these fields.  God has responded to this prayer!

Please visit our Current Plants page to meet some of our current church planters.  Most of their plants are 3 years old or less.  Your prayers are needed, and as you pray, we want you to be able to connect faces, places, and names.

Thank  you for your investment in church planter as together, we boldly go!