Future Church Plants


The San Francisco Bay Area is designated as part of the North American Mission Board’s Send City initiatives. to focus on top urban centers in the US and Canada. See where some of our top priority new church plant needs are by clicking here.

  • San Francisco & San Mateo Counties

    Information about top priorities for church planting in the San Francisco and San Mateo Counties (the SF Peninsula). 

  • The Near East Bay

    Information about church planting opportunities in Oakland and other cities just east and southeast of the San Francisco Bay.

  • Farther East of the Bay

    Information on church planting priorities in the communities that are farther east from the Bay, but still accessible to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

    Also check out the initiative to plant churches along the many BART stops in the East Bay and Costa Meda County.

  • Silicon Valley and the South Bay

    We are still working on descriptions of the South Bay cities where new churches are especially needed. Meanwhile, click here for a list of top priorities plus zip code maps.

    The South Bay is also home to many unreached people groups. Click here to find out more about planting among unreached people groups in the South Bay region.